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One is Wonderful!

February 21, 2009

Aren’t one year olds so wonderful? The curiosity, and wonder… those unsteady first steps and first words! I just love how this session turned out, I hope you love it too!

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Click here to view the Memory Book and Poem

One is so Wonderful!

One is so Wonderful…

Who will you be?

I just can’t wait to know…

I can’t wait to see!

One Wish… for a baby of my own…

One Year later look how you have grown!

One Look… and I fell instantly in love!

One Marvelous gift, you are from heaven above!

One Little Baby once so small,

You have grown so big… you have grown so tall!

One Sly Smile… you are such a dear!

A heartbreaker for sure… that much is clear!

One Step unsure and new…

You have so much to explore…

so much more to do!

One Tiny Hand… held on to mine,

I will always remember this special time.

One Baby Boy soon to be One little Man,

I’ll stuff you full of love, that is my plan!

One Day these memories will be long past…

One memory book will help make them to last!


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