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This is…for the {future}

April 5, 2009

Why is photography so important? It’s because we want to remember. We want to remember all those first, the first kiss, the first breath, the step. Life is full of so many firsts, we are always growing and changing. I want to remember the sweetness of my wedding day, I want to remember when my little girl was so tiny, I though she might break. It is so easy to get caught up in the mundane, everyday activities… before you know it your baby becomes a toddler. Once those baby days are gone, they are gone forever, you can never go back. Thats when a photography becomes so important, I can look at a photograph and be brought back to that moment in time. I can remember the baby soft skin, and the joy I felt. Being a mother is the most wonderful, exciting and the most difficult job in the world. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything, I love my girls with my heart and soul. Looking back, even I wish I had more photographs of my girls when they were babies, I was so caught up the colic and sleep deprivation, that I always put it off for another day…2009-april-blog5-1

I just love the beauty of this image. It may not be the perfect pose, the perfect expression or have the most perfect lighting. But it is REAL. A real moment in time, frozen forever. Mother and daughter look so comfortable and happy together. As the months go by, her baby will grow and change. Someday, they may both look at this image, and for a moment, her mother will remember what it felt like to take her home for the first time. For a moment, her mom will remember the sweetness of her first smile. True memories can’t be lost or taken away. Photography is just a tool that helps us to remember. Thanks for sharing the morning with me girls, I love this image of the two of you and I hope you enjoy it too.

Julie 🙂

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