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This is…{A BAD Blogger!}

May 8, 2009

This is…{A bad Blogger}

I have been soo busy, booking sessions, shooting sessions, editing sessions… I have neglected to Blog about my sessions. It seems like such a simple process… Type a few words, upload some photos… attach a few links… But it takes time. Something I just don’t seem to have enough of right now. I love sharing my work with my blog viewers, I love it even more when you comment! (HINT, HINT) So this blog post is an attempt to catch up, it’s attempt at sharing my most recent sessions and work. It’s a kind of Review of the sessions I haven’t have time to blog or post. I have two more sessions that are almost done, so I will blog those in the next day or two If you enjoyed a image, please leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you! Keep checking the blog in the next few days… I’m going to offer a One Day Only Mother’s Day give away and sale. You won’t want to miss out!

Tyler Grant
2009-april-blog24-1-2 This gallery includes 3 sessions, 2 pregnancy sessions and 1 newborn session. Just click the link and visit the galleries to see them all. Another Amazing Session!

Click here for Tyler Grant’s Images

2009-aprilblog14-11This is Cora’s two year photo session. I really love the spring feel of these images. I also did some family portraits for Cora and her parents, take a look they turned out really well!

Click here for Cora’s Gallery

2009-aprilblog-19-1-21Click the link below to view Hunters sessions. There are two Galleries for the Pregnancy & Newborn Sessions. I am biased, but I loved how these images turned out too. How can you not enjoy images of a newborn baby?

Click here to view Hunters Images

2009-april-blog16-1-6This session is another newborn & Pregnancy combo. It’s so much fun to meet with new mommies before and after their babies. I love chatting about the joys and trials of pregnancy and caring for a newborn. My favorite shots of Kaleigh are with her sweet hats and headbands, take a look, you will be glad you did!

Click here for Kaleigh’s Session

2009-april-blog24-1-4This was another newborn & pregnancy combo session. I just love lensbaby images in the gallery! I also love the contrast between the tattoos and I sweet baby! Great Session, don’t skip this one!

Click here for Reece’s Images

2009-may-noah-newborn-50Noah is my newest newborn. His session was so sweet and touching that I stayed up all night finishing his session! LOL! Enjoy this Pregnancy and Newborn Session, I did!

Click here for Noah’s Newborn Gallery

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