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Newborn Details

Below are a few tips for making your session as stress free as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email. I’m here to make this as easy as possible.

Don’t Clean Your House!
• I will be focusing on the Baby. Not your house, not you, not the dirty laundry on the floor. Stay in your Pajamas, leave the dishes in the sink and forget about the laundry. I don’t care, really! I promise, nothing embarrassing or out of place will be in the images. I photograph a lot of newborns, trust me everyone has a house in disarray when I arrive. Nobody could be expected to have a clean house the first week home with a newborn. It’s just not possible.
Make your house WARM enough for a NAKED newborn.
• Make your house WARM. This may even mean running your heater. If it’s too warm for you, then it will be perfect for the baby. Newborns look their best naked, if it’s even a little cool, they tend to wake up. It’s necessary to have a warm house to get those beautiful sleepy newborn images. It will be worth it, I promise!
Remove everything but the Diaper & feed your baby shortly before your session.
• Shortly before your session, when you are ready to feed the baby, remove all clothing from your newborn. Leave on only a diaper, then swaddle the baby in a blanket. This will make it easier for me when I arrive, if the baby is already sleeping.
Expect me to be at your house for 1-4 Hours.
• The goal of your session is to get those dreamy, sleepy, images of your newborn. These is difficult to time, so expect me to visit with you for 1-4 hours. I don’t set a time or image limit for my sessions, I will stay until I get the images I am looking for. There is plenty of time for eating, fussing and diaper changes. Just think of me as a friend coming for a visit. If we aren’t friends already, I suspect I will be by the end of the visit.

See you soon!


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