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This is…{Hunter}

April 30, 2009

Sweet Hunter. I really enjoyed doing the maternity and newborn session for this family. So many wonderful images, it would just take to long to blog them all! So you will have to take a moment and visit their gallery 🙂 When you are done with your visit, come on back to my blog and share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!

Click here to visit Hunter’s Galleries



This is a…{Image StoryBook}

April 28, 2009

The best children’s books express the love we feel for our children. Using poetry in a way that you can read it over and over again. I know that some of my favorite children’s books have been read in my house so many times that I have them memorized! LOL! When I create a memory book for your session, I combine my original Poetry to go with your images. I want you to have a book that you can read over and over again with your child. These are not books to be hidden away on a shelf, these are books to be enjoyed and used. When a book is used it will get damaged, this is real life, not a dress rehearsal. My girls have colored in and ripped the pages of many books… So I create my books using Shutterfly. Why? Shutterfly will save your digital copy of your book forever, no minimum purchase, no storage limit. When you purchase your memory book from me, you get one hard copy and I also digitally transfer a copy via Shutterfly. That allows you to order more copies, create smaller sizes and preserve your book, FOREVER. So enjoy those memory books! Read them with your child every night, trust me they will enjoy being the focus of their very own book.

On that note… Here is the Grand unveiling of my newest Story Book, “Welcome Home Sweet Baby” The poetry works perfectly to express the love and joy of coming home with a new child. I hope you enjoy it! Click the links below to view the book using images from two different sessions. Below the Welcome Baby books is one of my ever popular “Two is Terrific!” Cora did a great job with her Two year photography session, I just love watching my friends/clients children grow!

“Welcome Home Sweet Kaleigh” Image StoryBook

“Welcome Home Hunter” Image StoryBook

Two is Terrific Cora!” Image StoryBook

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This is…{Pure Sweetness}

April 25, 2009

I’m off to an earthday celebration with my girls, but I just had to show you one more amazing image. Look at her sweet smile! It’s in just amazing? Enjoy your Saturday!

Julie 🙂


This is…{Today}

April 24, 2009

Two newborn sessions today. Both babies were awesome, I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pictures! For now, enjoy these two new images. Welcome to the world little ones, I was so pleased to meet you!



This is…{Family}

April 20, 2009

Here is a sample Creative Canvas 🙂 I really like how it simply states that “we are family” It is simple and to the point.


julie 🙂

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This is…{a sweet Snuggle}

April 20, 2009

This image makes me feel like snuggling a new baby. I just want to shower this little boy with kisses and a nice big snuggle. Newborns change so quickly, I bet this little baby looks different already! I’m sure this new mother will enjoy this photo of yesterday, just as much as she is enjoying a really snuggle with her baby today.


Julie 🙂

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This is…{Warm & Fuzzy}

April 19, 2009

I love the warm and fuzzy feel of these images… Parkers little boy hands on his mothers belly are simply charming! This new mommy is going to have her baby tomorrow!!! I am so excited to meet another newborn, I am so fortunate! Life is indeed Sweet.


Julie 🙂

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