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Preparing for your photography session is simple. My style of photography is relaxed and carefree. I want to see the real you, not the perfect you! Review this checklist for tips and suggestions shortly before your session. But remember, the goal is for a fun and relaxed photography session, so don’t let these items add any stress to your day.

Your House
Many of my sessions take place in a home location. Don’t be concerned with the dishes in the sink or the basket of laundry in the corner. I am here to photograph you and your loved ones, not your home. If anything distracts for the image I’m trying to create, then I will move it for the shot. I’m a wife and a mother too, I know just how hard it is to have that “perfect” house when you are caring for a newborn or young children. Just think of me as a close friend or family member, someone who doesn’t care what your house looks like!

Take a quick look at your nails. I like to use hands a lot in my photography, so if you normally have a manicure you may want to have a fresh one. If your session is for children don’t forget to check their toes too!

Sentimental props
Props are always best if they have meaning to you. A baby blanket, tiny shoes, a favorite stuffed animal, These items all add special meaning to your images.

Don’t be afraid of color. I often turn my images into black and white with a hint of color. Colorful clothing and props add to this effect.

Wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel good. I want your images to reflect you, so wear something you like! If your session is a pregnancy session, don’t wear anything that leaves marks on your belly.

All these suggestions will enhance your experience. However, even if you don’t do any of them, I guarantee you will still love your images!


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