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{Custom Fine Art Photography}

True Art is an expression of the Artist, it’s a unique view on life and the world, through the Artist’s eyes. Some artists express themselves through poetry, some through a beautiful painting and others may choose sculpture. For me, photography is the medium I use to express myself and my creativity. Instead of sculpting with a stone and a chisel, I sculpt with light, my camera and a computer. I take each image and try to convey the emotion and feeling of the moment, frozen in time. By adding and removing color, blurring and sharpening, burning and dodging…I draw attention to the important elements in an image. Some images speak to me in color, some in black & white…still others speak to me in both. Fine art photography is more than the click of a shutter, it’s hours of work behind the scene, perfecting the perfect image. It’s a moment in time forever frozen, allowing us to remember and absorb every tiny detail. Life passes us by so quickly, with blazing fast speed our babies grow up, they begin to walk and talk, they begin to run. Fine art photography attempts to freeze them in a moment of time…grasping the sweetness of the child in that one moment captured, and remembered forever.

I hope my Art speaks to you. Even if custom photography is unaffordable for you today, feel free to visit my blog and enjoy my work. I put my heart and soul into my images, if you enjoy my work, I would love for you to leave a comment. Photography is not my job, it’s my Joy. I hope my work brings a bit of peace and joy into your day. Life is full of so much beauty, childhood wonder and magic. Anytime you need a reminder of that, feel free to visit and view some new images. I hope my Art touches you, as much as it has touched me. I am truly blessed, I get to do something I love every day. I hope my images bless the homes of my clients, reminding them of the most important thing in life, our loved ones. Enjoy my fine art photography, and don’t forget to leave a comment when you see an image you love!

Julie Foskett

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